Monday, October 15, 2018

Church of Grandfather Emperor

"Behold, and see that all are welcome and loved in Grandfather's embrace."
"And the flies made merry, and the maggots danced to unheard tunes."

"For truly I say to you, Grandfather Emperor protects!"
"We grandchildren of the Emperor are of one body, and of one soul."
"Necromunda is our Father, the Emperor his Father again."
"The blessings of Grandfather therefore mark themselves in our flesh as in our souls"
"Those of the True Faith do not fear death, for in death, all are reunited with Grandfather."
"Look to the smallest and most reviled creatures of the Hive,
for in their movements many portents and lessons may be found."
"The Emperor is Grandfather, and Grandfather is the Emperor."
"May plagues befall our enemies, and contagion strike down blasphemers and non-believers!"
"No sacrifice is too great, if made in Grandfather's name."
"Cultivate your faith like a garden, and in time it will bloom into the ripe fruits of eternal reward."

Bonus Sump Trawler champion with loyal cyber-mastiff

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Scrap Pirate Cyber Turtle (WIP)

A face only a mother could love

There's a lot of bits on that turtle. And we're not done yet.

I'm happy with the nice tangle of wires and tubing on this quadrant

You can't have pirates without a hook hand!

The section under that pipe still needs the most work

All the red cables are guitar wire that I got free by the handful at Guitar Center by asking nicely for broken bits

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sump Trawlers - Wave 2 Kitbashing (WIP)

Happy little WIP family

M-grade diving and maintenance servitor

And another one

Just another ganger. "What's that over there?" 

I can't decide if his name should be "Icarus" or "Edward Chainswordfeet"

Ambot! It just wants to give out hugs. With its melta-claws.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sump Trawlers - Meet the Crew

It's a dirty job, but some's got to do it.
"Ha, you think we wear these suits as a fashion statement?! Tell me boy, have you ever been down into the Sumps? The lights don't work right down there you know. Some days it's just you, your shoulder lamps, and kilometers of tunnel, flooded with Emperor knows what sort of toxic sludge. A hundred cycles or so ago I was down there and we had ourselves a little hivequake. Collapsed the floor beneath my feet and I went under. Sergey found me a few hours later. My legs were crushed under a girder, my lamp had broken and I'd long since screamed myself hoarse. The hi-vis flash of my suit in the dark caught his eye. And saved my life. So you can keep your fancy vest and your polished boots. This thing may be uglier than a grox-hide coat, but I wouldn't trade it for the world."
- Natasha, sump trawler

Oh man, this gang has been fun to build. My local Necromunda league started up suddenly, so I had to work with what I had on had, and decided to build an unorthodox Orlock gang. Conveniently, I think they work pretty well for Mare Solum as well, with hi-vis being important on stormy seas.

The paint job was my first experiment with copper, and I must say that the GW Nihilakh Oxide is pretty amazing. Drucchi Violet continues to be my "magic shade" though, as I used it on the orange and copper on the suits, the silver on the weapons, AND most of the skin-tones. Anyway, let's meet the gang!

Ivan Ivanovich. Leader.
Equipped with: mechandrites, jury-rigged plasma-welder, disdain for young punks 
(servo claw, plasma gun, plasma pistol)

Casimir. Champion.
Equipped with: more dynamite than patience
(shotgun, stub gun, blasting charges)

Natasha. Champion.
Equipped with: harpoon launcher, a whole lot of sass
(harpoon launcher, autopistol)


Decker. Juve.
Equipped with: great hair, limitless ambition
(autopistol, fighting knife)

Misha. Juve. Mechanic.
Equipped with: welding torch, industrial saw, Imperial Infatryman's Uplifting Primer
(hand flamer, chainsword)


Nicholai. Ganger.
(dual stub pistols, dum dum rounds)

Valentine. Ganger.
(autogun, demolition charges)

Katniss. Ganger.
(autogun, stub gun, chainsword)

Emilya. Ganger.

Sergey. Ganger.
(shotgun, axe)

Phew, that was a lot of photos, not all of them high-quality. But you take what you can get in the tough world of the underhive.