Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Epic - Battle Report - Ghaz Orks vs Adeptus Astartes - 3,000 points

Had a game to test out allowing Epic-UK powerfield upgrades in the NetEA Ghaz Orks list. Apologies in advance for the poor photo quality; there's a lamp placed just over the table that played merry hell with pictures.

The orks' list, very heavy on battle/gunfortresses, with 9 activations:
- 415 - Warband: 2 Nobz, 7 Boyz, 3 Grotz, Flakwagon, Battlefortress w/ Oddboy and Power Fields
- x3 355 - Warband: 2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Battlefortress w/ Oddboy and Power Fields
- x2 325 - Blitz Brigade: 2 Flakwagon, 2 Gunwagon, Gunfortress w Oddboy and Supa-Zzap
- 570 - Stompamob: 3 Stompas, Supastompa, 2 Flakwagon [BTS]
- x2 150 - 3 Fighta Bommas

...vs the marine list, which was relatively straightforward/traditional, with 11 activations
- 450 - 6 Tacticals, 1 Hunter, Rhinos, Supreme Commander [BTS]
- x2 400 - 4 Terminators, Chaplain
- 150 - 4 Scouts, Rhinos
- 225 - 3 Land Speeder Tornado, 2 Land Speeder Typhoon
- 250 - 5 Land Speeders, Chaplain
- x2 200 - Thunderhawk
- x2 275 - Warhound
- 175 - 2 Thunderbolts
Objective placements marked in red.

Orks - deployed in a line across their midfield with the stompamob in the woods on the blitz.
Battlefortresses rolled 4,3,3,2 for powerfields, stompa got 2.

Marines - Terminators in thawks, tacticals in ruins on the blitz,
scouts, titans, and speeders all clustered behind the woods.
Turn 1 - Marines win initiative
M - CAP T-bolts
O - Blitz brigade on far (Ork's) right doubles and targets Scouts. Kills 1 stand for 2 blast markers
M - Warhound advances and targets the activated blitz brigade, killing 2 gunwagons for 3 blast markers
O - Warband doubles up past the corner of the cathedral and targets unactivated warhound for a blast marker
M - Tacticals advance further into the ruins, target the activated warband for a blast marker and strip 1 power field
M - Retain w/ t-hawk and air assault the just targeted warband. Lose 1 terminator and the t-hawk in exchange for the entire warband except the battlefortress
O - Warband doubles and targets warhound - takes down a void shield and adds another blast marker
M - Warhound rallies - targets warband back, stripping a power field and adding a blast marker, then removes a single blast marker of its own
O - Deja-vu: warband doubles and targets warhound - takes down a void shield and adds another blast marker
M - Speeders advance to within supporting fire range and target warband, stripping a power field and adding a blast marker
M - Retain (SC re-roll) and engage w/ second speeders, pulling in speeders and terminators as supporting fire. Strip all power fields and do 2DC to the battlefortress in exchange for 1 speeder. Orks lose 2 boyz to hackdown
O - Stompamob advances, fires at speeders, 2 kills, 3 blast markers, catches terminators under BP for another blast marker
M - Scouts fail to activate and instead remove all blast markers
O - Last warband advances and disembarks to target speeders, killing 2 and breaking them
M - T-hawk goes on CAP
O - Blitz brigade advances and targets unshielded warhound, misses, breaking it w/ a blast marker
O - Fightabombas ground attack the broken speeders with defective bombs, doing no damage after the t-bolts intercept and splash one
O - Fightabombas ground attack broken speeders. This skwadron remembers how to fire and wipes them out.

Ork end phase - both fightabombas fly off the ork edge. Everything but broken battlefortress rallies.
Marine end phase - T-bolts fly off the ork edge, taking a blast marker, t-hawk stands down. Everything but the broken Warhound rallies
Battlefield at the end of turn 1

Turn 2 - Marines win initiative
M - Warhound sustains on blitzbrigade, killing 1 flakwagon
M - Scouts retain and double onto the objective behind the woods, targeting the blitzbrigade and breaking it
O - Stompamob sustains targeting the speeders (and clipping the terminators) but rolls 4 ONES! Blast markers placed
O - Warband retains, engages terminators in btb; kills all three for 3 boyz, a nob, and a grot
M - Speeders marshal, targeting the warband that just engaged, stripping the last power field and adding a blast marker, then removes 2 of their own blast markers
O - fightabombas on CAP
M - Tacticals sustain on unshielded battlefortress w/ warband inside, 3 hits, 3 failed saves, a single  stand of Nobz emerges cursing and broken from the flaming wreckage
O - Fightabombas ground attack scouts, killing a rhino and placing 2 blast markers
M - T-hawk ground attacks unactivated blitzbrigade, kills a flakwagon and places 2 blast markers. Fightabombas intercept, losing 1 to the tactical’s hunter, and put a damage and 2 blast markers on the t-hawk
O - Blitzbrigade engages speeders; wipes them out for loss of 1 gunwagon
M - T-bolts ground attack blitzbrigade, trade blast markers
O - Warband doubles onto the objective behind the woods and shoots scouts for a blast marker
O - Warband engages scouts with just the battlefortress within 15. Scouts wiped out for no loss.

Ork end phase - fightabomas leave without further harassment, both blitzbrigades rally, neither broken warband remnant does (SC re-roll), but they move to allow for T3 objective contesting
Marine end phase - t-hawk takes heavy flak on the way out, but no damage, warhound finally rallied (SC re-roll)

Battlefield at the end of turn 2

Turn 3 - Marines win initiative
M - Warhound sustains on warband, rolls abysmally again, and kills 2
O - Fightabombas fail to go on CAP and stand down
M - Tacticals double to claim blitz and a second objective; fire on blitzbrigade for a blast marker
O - Fightabombas go on CAP
M - Warhound advances, targeting blitzbrigade; kills a gunwagon, a flakwagon and puts a damage on the gunfortress, breaking it (this was wrong, I think as damage should be to WE or non-WE targets) 
O - Remaining blitzbrigade doubles to the two woods objectives and shoots at warhound, placing a blast marker and stripping a shield
M - T-bolts ground attack a warband, taking flak on the way in and destroying the damaged battlefortress
O - Warband doubles (staying on the objective) and targets warhound, adding a second blast marker and stripping the last shield
M - T-hawk and terminators air-assault the unactivated warband. CAP fightabombas and flakwagons make a valiant effort, but the damaged t-hawk stays alive long enough to deliver the terminators into combat, where it is promptly SHOT TO DEATH BY GROTZ. Unfortunately for the orks, that’s the only casualty they inflict, while the terminators rip the battlefortress to shreds with their powerfists and mow down a few orks for good measure. When terminators up by 5 and kill another 4 with hackdown
O - Stompamob doubles, maneuvering themselves to contest 2 objectives and get into the marine half, bringing marines from 3 victory conditions to 0. They target the tacticals, destroying a rhino.

Ork end phase - fightabombas fly off, the lone nob behind the church from a broken warband rallies, the other broken formations fail to do so.
Marine end phase - everybody rallies and the t-bolts fly off
(sadly I forgot to take a picture here)

T4 - marines win initiative
M - Terminators march to the blitz
O - Warband doubles next to the warhound and fires, stripping a shield and giving it a blast marker
O - Retain with blitz brigade, double behind warhound, miss with zzap gun, warhound breaks anyway
M - Sustain on broken battlefortress, put one damage on it with a blast marker, 2 hits take down power fields
O - Stompamob decides to engage the tacticals, because ORKS. They kill 2 marines in exchange for a stompa, making a tie combat. They win by 4 on the roll-off through, hacking down two marine.
M - T-bolts ground attack, killing the rallied nob, which cleared the objective for the warhound and racked up some more points
O - Desperate fightabomba run against the terminators on the blitz, blast marker
M - Warhound fails to activate, fires on the battlefortress for another automatic damage
O - Desperate fightabomba run against the terminators on the blitz, blast marker

Ork end phase - fightabombas move off, and a miracle set of rallying! Broken gunfortress rallies to contest the blitz, broken battlefortress rallies, only 1 warband left broken.
Marine end phase - t-bolts move off, everything rallies to contest both ork-held objectives.

(and this picture was blurry enough to be completely unusable)

Final result: 0-0 win to orks on VP (1650 vs 1420)

Final thoughts: the marines were a little hesitant with the second t-hawk after the first one's Leroy Jenkins move got the terminators stranded and later wiped out, both of which hurt their game plan. On the orks' side the warbands did pretty well for themselves. Powerfielded battlefortresses are expensive, but very useful, and certainly seem like a viable choice. As T2 proved, you certainly still need to think about whether to leave the boyz embarked or not after weathering that first turn of shooting. After the game I also took a look at the UK ork list, and it seems that the list I played would have been a legal UK-Ork list, except that the UK stompamob would have been 25 points cheaper. There's really not a lot of difference between the EA and UK lists as things stand.

Final conclusion: definitely allow the powerfields upgrade for EA Ghaz.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Inq28 - Cult of the Drowned Machine WIP

"01001010 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101111 01110101 0110010 00100000 01100111 01101100 01101111 01110010 01111001 00101110 00100000 01000100 01101001 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01101100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00101110..."
- Looped recording found loaded into the vox-banks of the Multus est Mare, a fishing trawler found drifting empty 13 kilometers west of Leviticus Anchorage. 28 crewmembers are unaccounted for, and presumed dead. An encrypted translation, stored on a data-slate in the water wardens' 182nd precinct archives reads as follows: 
"Join with our glory. Die so you may live. Join with our glory. Die so you may live. Join with our glory. Die so you may live. Join with our glory. Die so you may live..."

Work has officially started on the Cult of the Drowned Machine. This will be a warband or set of NPCs for the Mare Solum waterworld project. I'll be writing some in-depth (pun totally intended) fluff on them at some point, but for now the general gist is a sort of mysterious, undead, and waterlogged dark-mech like force that worships a god know only as the Drowned Machine.

I'm taking a very piecemeal approach to construction right now, just sort of fitting things together and seeing what sticks. I've put together, then taken apart or extensively modified at least 4-5 different models so far. Some of the survivors appear below.

I tossed this together last week. An okay start.
Made from a Mantic zombie, a Tyranid adrenal gland, and some forgotten chain bit.

I almost pulled it apart to start over. Instead it became this pitiful wretch.

The first servant of the Machine that I created. It's lost an arm and gained a head,
but otherwise has stayed relatively unchanged.
Made with a Mantic zombie, FW scyllax guardian-automata parts, and part of a trygon mandible.

Skreee! First attempt at using a mold to texture a base. Came out kinda janky,
but I'll cover that up with puddles and bolted-on sheets of metal (aka plasticard).
Made with Ruststalker legs, the skeleton torso from the GW ghouls kit, 
a Tyranid adrenal gland, and the tentacles from a spore min. 

Not sure what's going on with this one. It may or may not make the cut.
Made with something from Warmahordes and a trygon tongue-spike. 

Cute little mandible arms!
(He won't stand up on his own yet, hence the tweezers)
Made with FW scyllax guardian-automata tendrils, a Mantic zombie,
a daemontte claw for the arms, and misc wires 
He's another one that I'm not sure about right now.
It might just need greenstuff work and final details, or a bit more a re-think.

This monstrosity is still heavily wip. Very much just seeing what sticks in terms of aesthetics.
So far contrains FW scyllax guardian-automata parts, a tervigon birthing sack, some cables, and a Kataphron servitor arm.

Size comparison with some Saga Vikings.
I don't think even brave hearthguard would like to meet this beasty!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saga - Pagan Rus Warrior Priest and Hearthguard

Finally back to painting Saga after a few months of distraction. Still don't have a process that I'm fully comfortable with for these guys, but I'd say they're coming out alright. And it turns out that audiobooks, while not normally something I go for, are a great way to zone out for a few hours and crank through some progress. I've finished two more points for my Rus vikings, bringing me up to a respectable three. Just eight more warriors and the warlord to go for a playable four point force!

Warrior priest of Odin, accompanied by his mystic ravens

This was a simple conversion of the Gripping Beast Jomsviking Warlord model.
Weapon swap to spear and shield, and some fur around the helmet and chainmail coat.
The two over-sized ravens were sourced from the Zombicide Murder of Crows. 

First point of hearthguard. For some reason the skin especially on these gave me a lot of problems
and I'm not super happy with it.

Models are a slightly converted Gripping Beast Jomsviking, a Gripping Beast Pagan Rus Varjazi,
and two slightly converted models from Saxon Miniatures Viking and Saxon Warlords packs.
Shield transfers are, of course, from LBM Studios. 

I'm hoping that I'll manage to find a partner for the Saga Doubles tournament at Adepticon in March and get to bring these guys. So far though it's looking like they may be limited to more local pillages for the foreseeable future.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Inq28 - Ash Wastes Strider (WIP)

Sometimes you see a bit of inspiration and just KNOW. In this case, I ran across this piece of art by James Flaxman years ago. At the time I had no idea what I'd do with it, but saved it off in a gallery of inspiration, knowing that someday it would come in handy. I probably scrolled past it 50 times or more over the course of the years until one day I was explaining my creative process and it just sort of hit me. I suddenly knew exactly how I could create an homage to the piece.

Posted Image
Just look at this adorably creepy little guy
And there's plenty more Inq28 inspiration where that came from

Parts list so far:
- Ghoul torso, arms removed (Mantic)
- Zombie legs (Mantic)
- Slaanesh Hellstrider blade arms (GW)
- Chaos Cultist gas mask (GW)
- Skaven Stormvermin spears (GW)
- A bit of metal cable (Dragonforge)

A little more tech-horror than the inspiration image, but of course, that's what's "beautiful" about 40K.
The pose ended up reminding me a lot of the landstriders from Dark Crystal 
Not sure if it'll get spikes or something similar to the piercing stakes.  

May add bandages where the ankles meet the spear hafts, may not. We'll see. 

A mysteriously anachronistic warrior for scale.

Unfortunately, this little guy is pretty low on my priority list in terms of getting finished up or painted. But when I finally get around to making a warband of ash wastes travellers he'll get the love he deserves.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pocket40K - Ork Burnas



I actually rather like 8th ed 40K, but GW has priced me out of actually playing it anymore, and I really don't have any intention of going out and playing at tournaments/events. But I've rather fallen in love with the 6mm scale, and that presented a casual gaming solution...Pocket40K! This will be a fun little side project, although I plan on magnetizing vehicles and basing some infantry in such a way that the models can do double duty in Epic if I want them too.

These models are the Vanguard Skinnerz models with a few GW Ork models and bits thrown in. The flames are made from clump foliage held together with excessive amounts of super glue.



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Epic - Dark Angels 3K Army Done!

Wooo! Adepticon army finished! Here they are, 3,000 points of the Emperor's Angels of Death.

Turns out a phone camera isn't the beeest for picking out whole army shots.

This is the battle mat that inspired the new basing scheme. I think they match it pretty well.

For reference, here's the list. It's pretty close to a standard marine build, which should be a good way to learn the army.

450 - 6 Tacticals, 1 Hunter, Rhinos, Supreme Commander [BTS]
400 - 4 Terminators, Chaplain
400 - 4 Terminators, Chaplain
150 - 4 Scouts, Rhinos
225 - 3 Land Speeder Tornado, 2 Land Speeder Typhoon
250 - 5 Land Speeders, Chaplain
200 - Thunderhawk
200 - Thunderhawk
275 - Warhound
275 - Warhound
175 - 2 Thunderbolts

The final puzzle piece: Thunderhawk #2.
A bit less ostentatious than the first one, but the huge angel status do give it a certain something.

And, of course, there are still plenty more marines to build and paint, but they'll get pushed toward the back of the queue for now.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Epic - Dark Angels T-hawk & Titan

Needs MOAR skulls! Two more war machines finished for my Epic Dark Angels, which means only a single Thunderhawk to go before it's time to shift gears and paint something else for a while.

"You know what would be a good idea?"
"Rows of skulls as tall as a man?"
"It's like you can read my mind."
"Mind reading? Heresy!"
*bolter fire*

Tall base is tall. Juuust short enough to be stable. Sort of.
Landed base variant, just tall enough that it can hover over friends and enemies in BtB if necessary.

"What are we going to do tonight Brother?"
"The same thing we do every night Brother. Purge the enemies of the Emperor!"